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Breville – the Quick Touch Crisp

In 1932, Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville mixed their last names together, and the Breville brand was created. They started off making radios, then mine detectors for the war. After World War II and the arrival of the television, they turned their attentions to small appliances and sold the radio business. After Bill had set up the Breville Research and Development center in the 1960s, the ideas just kept coming. In 1974, they invented the sandwich toaster. In 1977, they invented Australia’s first food processor, the Breville Kitchen Wizz. Breville’s Center of Design Excellence is in Botany in Sydney, Australia.

After a 75-year journey, which has seen changing lifestyles and technologies, Breville has grown to become an iconic Australian and global brand. Design and innovation have underpinned this success. From the Snack’n’Sandwich maker in 1974, to the Professional 800 Collection of today, Breville has provided inspiration to generations of customers.

Though Breville’s roots are in Australia, Breville-designed products are now sold in more than 30 countries around the world, including  Canada.

The Quick Touch Crisp

Breville’s the Quick Touch Crisp with Integrated Crisper Pan browns and crisps food for added flavour and texture. This easy to use inverter microwave combines more even heating, brown and crispy results, with the easy to use features of the Quick Touch. This microwave knows the right power level and time to suit different food types and switches to grill when it’s needed.


QuickStart One-Touch Cooking:
+30 Second instant start button starts cooking immediately for 30 seconds at 100% power.

A Bit More’ Button:
For use when a little extra cooking time is required

Mid Size

Turntable Size:
Self-locating 315mm glass turntable. Specially designed so it slides effortlessly into place.

Auto Cook Menus:
18 Smart Cook & Grill auto menus, 7 Smart Reheat auto menus, 4 Smart Defrost auto menus and 2 auto Melt & Soften menus

Weight or Timed Defrost:
The Smart Defrost setting is designed to gently defrost food without overheating or drying out the edges. It will automatically adjust power and time for optimum results.

Child Safety Lock:
Easy to select by holding down A Bit More button for 3 seconds

Speed Settings:
10 Power Levels from 10%-100%

220 – 240 Volts

900 Watts

443 x 513 x 306 mm

1 Year Replacement

Crisper Pan

The integrated crisper pan with an inbuilt preheat function works in conjunction with the microwave and grill to crisp and brown foods that normally become soggy from standard microwave reheating such as pies, quiches, pastries and pizza. With a simple press of a smart button, the microwave offers a selection of the most commonly used food types in cook, grill, reheat and defrost modes. Microwave and grill times and power levels are automatically determined for optimum results.

The Buttons

The microwave is extremely easy to use thanks to the shortcut panel on the inside door. The one-touch auto buttons provide access to your favourite setting and commonly used tasks such as; melting chocolate, softening butter, baking a potato and toasting a sandwich. 30-second instant start and A Bit More and further simplicity to the ease of use. The intuitive inverter microwave that delivers the ultimate crisp.

Some one-touch settings work like a charm, like this pizza one. In went a boring freezer pizza and out came a hot, crispy, cheesy delight. Gone are the days of soggy microwave pizza. Tasting this, you’d swear it had been baked in the oven!

While other one-touch settings need a little adjusting, like this grilled cheese one. The cheese melted nicely, but the bread wasn’t really toasted. I believe it would simply be a matter of adjusting the grilling time.

I used to only cook minute rice in the microwave. That is until I tried the Quick Touch Crisp – Now minute rice is a thing of the past and I get to enjoy my basmati rice anytime I please. Cooked to perfection every single time, you’d swear this microwave had a tiny chef inside making your food.

With its sleek design and innovative features, The Breville Quick Touch Crisp is a great addition to any kitchen.

If you’d like to learn more about Breville, head over to their Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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