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Spring Cleaning: Top Tips

Spring is upon us, and we are super thrilled! We absolutely love this time of year, with the weather finally beginning to warm up, the sun starts to shine and everything looks a bit brighter. As always on a lovely spring day, we crack open the windows to let the air finally in and ensure our blinds and curtains are wide open so that the sunlight can shine straight through our homes, beautiful isn’t it… until you suddenly start to see all that dust!

It happens to the best of us, every year without fail we are reminded when spring arrives, as to just how much we have neglected taking care of our homes. The winters are dark and dreary and the shorter days mean less energy and determination to clean but when the spring arrives, the days are finally longer and brighter meaning there is no excuse, particularly when the sunlight starts to highlight the pesky dust that has been building up.

Having a good spring clean is incredible for yourself and for your home; a great chance to make everything sparkle, feel fresh, and ready for hopefully a great summer ahead. Whether you are about to start your spring clean in the coming days or weeks or are way ahead of the game and have already gotten started, have a quick look at our top tips to ensure that have everything under control…

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    • Don’t Do it All Alone – It is your home and naturally you will know exactly what needs doing and where but don’t try to attempt it all yourself. Giving your home a spring clean from top to bottom all by yourself may seem like a doable task but it’s hard! Make it easier on yourself and get the whole family involved, you’ll be surprised as to how easier and faster it all goes!


    • Get the Tools – From cleaning liquids to brushes, sponges, and endless mop heads; when it comes to cleaning the house from top to bottom you’ll need all the right tools to do so. Stock up on the essentials and if you’re getting the family involved consider creating ‘spring clean kits’ for them so no one can say they’ve had to stop because they’ve run out.


    • De-Clutter – One of the surprising parts of spring cleaning is realizing just how much clutter we accumulate. Whether it is one too many pairs of hats, scarves, and jumpers, a row of old snow boots, or anything else; in the winter many of us have a habit of letting things start to pile up. Before you begin cleaning, organize everything, de-clutter, and put away what you don’t need. Anything winter-related can be stored away with no excuse not to venture outside and put certain things away in the garage, you’ll be surprised how much room you can make. It is easy to put things off when it’s cold but now that the weather is warming up, make extra space and your mind will be clear too.


  • Room by Room – When it comes to spring cleaning, it may seem like a good idea to tackle several areas at once but this seldom works and you’ll soon find yourself giving up! Take things one step at a time and consider starting room by room to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed. The kitchen is always the best place to begin; clear the fridge, the cupboards and give the old worktops the deepest clean they’ve seen in a while and then move on to the next room. Vacuuming under those designer sofas, while waiting for the freezer to defrost and the bathroom floor to dry up after a good mop might seem like good multi-tasking but you risk burning out before you can finish.


Whether you own a small flat or a large family home, a good spring clean is a fantastic way to make yourself feel good and give your home a good wake-up after that dreary winter. You might dread it or perhaps you’re one of those people actually looking forward to your spring clean, either way, keep the above tips in mind to ensure however you attack the pesky seasonal polish; you don’t crumble under the pressure.


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