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Three Simple Ways To Improve Your Dining Room

Seeking professional advice on how to arrange your dining space? There needs to be harmony between form and function (checking it seats the right number of people for your needs, and having the right layout so everyone can maneuver around all the furniture that is needed).


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Whether you’re working with a kitchen dinette or a dedicated dining room, these guidelines will help you choose the best paint colors, table settings, flooring materials, and more for your dining area.

What Is The Function Of Your Room?

Before deciding on paint colors and wall coverings for a brand-new dining room, it’s important to determine the area’s primary purpose. Will you only use it for formal occasions, or will it also serve as a place for everyday family meals? Now that we’re working from home more often, will it ever be necessary to use it for anything else? We need to know how many chairs to order. Do you seek to make a cosy retreat, or a stately formal room?


Furniture, paint, and floorplan should all be selected with the room’s intended users and anticipated activities in mind. We suggest going retro with a mood board if you’re at a loss for inspiration; collect images you like online or tear them out of magazines, and you’ll start to notice a pattern in no time. Consider your preferred watering holes as additional sources of eccentric furnishings.

Make Sure The Lighting Is Perfect

The dining room’s lighting should be one of the first considerations you make while designing the space. Although you don’t want your visitors to feel like they’re sitting in a cave, adequate lighting is essential. Avoid using powerful downlights since they not only cast unflattering shadows but also concentrate the light in one area rather than evenly lighting the whole room.


Choose several different kinds of lighting; for example, a chandelier or pendant light hung over a table can serve as a beautiful focal point while lamps and sconces placed at eye level can illuminate the room’s perimeter.


Consider installing dimmer switches in rooms that serve many purposes, such as a home office or one of several eating areas used often. This will allow you to quickly alter the ambience of the space to suit the activity taking place there.

Look At Your Furniture

The table and dining chairs in a dining room are arguably the most important pieces of furniture in the space. And it’s not something you should decide on hastily; give some thought to what dimensions might work best in the room. When hosting, give some thought to how many people will need to be seated. Would it be better to have a circular or extendable table so that you can move the chairs around as needed?


To get a feel for how a potential purchase will fit into the room and how much room you’ll need to maneuver around it, we recommend laying down masking tape in the form and size of the item.




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