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Thumb Chucks

ZING makes fantastic toys for fantastic kids! Their mission is to inspire imagination and play in every area of life. From blast-off rockets to making your own stop-motion movies, ZING’s award winning brands cover it all. With a team of inventors who are kids at heart, they are involved with the entire process, ensuring quality at every level. 

Have you heard of the new toy from Zing, called Thumb Chucks? I never heard of it until we were asked to review them, and I have to say, these little things are fun! 

You can twirl, flip and twist Thumb Chucks around your fingers to perform awesome (or not so awesome) tricks.

Based on an ancient Greek toy, Begleri, Thumb Chucks features two high-bounce plastic “chucks” which have built-in pulse LED lights and are connected with a “belt”. All of these combined makes for a fun toy. 

Master a wide range of tricks from intermediate to advance using the free Thumb Chucks app or on the Thumb Chucks Official YouTube channel. Both include over 30 tutorials on a variety of tricks. The app also includes a recording feature with built-in special effects. Users can share their videos on social media and join the Thumb Chucks community using #ThumbChucks.

If you have more than one set of Thumb Chucks, you can remove the chuck from the belt and add a different coloured chuck. 

My 12-year-old loves playing with his Thumb Chucks at night. He loves making it glow and do tricks in the darkness. 

This is one of those skill toys that you don’t necessarily need skills to play with it.  Do whatever you want with it, no skills nessesary, create your own tricks, or visit youtube to learn new ones. 

Thumb Chucks are a great activity toy that fit right into your pocket. Time to unplug and control the roll.

Thumb Chucks also make a great fidget toy. The grippy, rubber balls can be squeezed and bounced, which makes them a great stress reliever. The twirling and flipping will keep your hands busy without much need for concentration or acuity. 

I believe the Thumb Chucks is the 2017 yo-yo but I can’t imagine it becoming as viral of a sensation. 

 My 9 and 6 year old had fun with their thumb chucks for about 20 minutes and then they just sat on the shelve till they noticed them again. This is definitely a toy for older kids, as younger ones will get bored of it easily. 

My youngest (almost 2) think they are really cook and likes to make them light up by banging them on the floor or tables. 

These would make great gifts, loot bag item or stocking stuffer.


Visit Thumb Chucks Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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