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Trumps Choice Rewards

As some of you may know from reading my previews PawPak reviews, I’m very picky on the kinds of treats and food I give to Roxy.   She has a sensitive stomach, and I only want the best for her.  I refuse to give her anything with “by-product” on the ingredient list, so when we received a bag of Trumps Choice Rewards soft liver treats with a natural savory lamb flavor, I did my research on the ingredients before I opened the bag and let her indulge. 


These treats are ‘training’ size,  and only 1.5 calories each! I was actually surprised at how large they are for a training treat, but in a good way! With my big girl, normal training treats are too small, so I have to give her 2-3 to make it worth it.  These are the perfect size for training large dogs!


The first ingredient is fresh ground pork liver.  Which is awesome!  Another plus is that these treats are Made in Canada!

I give the Trumps Choice Rewards training treats a 5/5! I will definitely be purchasing them.  

– ARP 4.50$


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