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What are the 5 Parts of Writing an Essay?

As a student, writing different types of essays throughout the academic years is inevitable and even dreadful for most students. However, what if you could write compelling and interesting papers by following just a few simple steps? Follow the five parts below, and you are on your way to crushing your assignment.

Meticulous Research

One common mistake most students make is to wing their essays as they go. That can easily be turned into a disaster. Before diving into the writing process, you must dedicate some time to research thoroughly. A rule of thumb is to spend 20% of your time on research, 70% on writing, and 10% on rechecking and editing.

It is the time largely responsible for making or breaking your essay. Hence if you have been given the freedom to choose a topic for your assignment, firstly, ensure that it falls in your area of interest so that you stop treating it like a burden. Secondly, it should only be after you have found substantial information online that you finalize a topic.

If you are on a time crunch and, realistically speaking, this might not be the only assignment due; the good idea is to seek professional service online to help write my essay in 1 hour. All you need to do is convey all the necessary instructions and consider one thing checked off your to-do list.

Rock Solid Structure

No matter what type of essay you have been assigned to do, one thing remains common; the basic writing structure. Any high-quality essay should have a basic foundation that helps maintain the text’s flow and ensure the coherence is intact. Make sure to have these three components in your assignment:

  • Introduction

  • Body paragraphs

  • Conclusion

Why is following this blueprint imperative? It has stood the test of time when it comes to effectiveness. It has always worked, regardless of whether the writer is a beginner learning to master the skill, an adept writer working on his essay for the thousandth time, or a professional assigned to write my paper for me.

Without a concrete base, the tall building of words that you will probably spend hours and hours on might come crashing down any minute, which is something you cannot afford. A helpful tip is to jot down useful, relevant points for each part while in the research phase. It will help ensure that no important point is missed while writing and act as a map you can follow for directions.


Credibility by Examples

You can be an excellent writer with a complete command over your vocabulary and exemplary writing style, but it all comes down to how well your back up the stance you take. In an introduction, a thesis statement is where the reader can determine the direction of your essay.

However, in each of the following body paragraphs, you begin with a topic sentence in coherence with the initial statement. Once made, follow it up with an explanation and quote an example to support the claim. This will help the audience wrap their minds around what you are trying to say and make your work credible. While doing so, only use authentic sources and incorporate them via citations.


Multiple Drafts

Expecting to come up with a perfect essay on the first attempt is simply unrealistic. After having a clear map in your mind, start writing, but remember that this should be one of the many drafts that will come after it. The first can be basic, with only the main points listed.

In your second draft, you can make all the necessary corrections, rearrange paragraphs and even change the vocabulary used to upgrade its quality. If you have time on your hands, write at least three drafts before turning in your work; if not, consider reaching out to a professional to write my paper.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Proofreading

It is the final step towards the completion of your masterpiece. When you have reached the word count and incorporated all the significant details, it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty of the essay. Read it and reread it and reread! Get rid of any possible errors. These can be grammatical, structural, or even typos.

You can also utilize useful writing tools like Grammarly and Jasper. They help you generate unique content, identify grammatical mistakes, and suggest useful revisions. You can hire someone to write my research paper to get your hands on a top-notch professional-quality essay.

Want to write an essay that will stay in the minds of your audience long after reading it? A helpful piece of advice; the beginning and the end of an essay have the most lasting impact on a reader, so make the most out of it. Spark the reader’s interest from the get-go by practicing the five parts mentioned above.

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