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4 Good Reasons Why You Should Move Forward With the Basement Remodeling This Year

The idea of finishing and remodelling the basement has been on your mind for some time, but it’s easy to let other things distract. This is the year to change that. Choosing to make the basement remodelling a priority will provide some immediate benefits as well as some long-term ones. If you could use a little incentive to call a contractor today, consider these four reasons. Whatever you do, make sure you have the proper building permit for the work being done. 

You Need More Living Space Now

What happens if you have weekend company? Does the entire family have to play musical bedrooms in order to ensure those guests have a place to sleep? What about parties? Do you really an open space that’s large enough to accommodate the number of guests that you would have over for a birthday party or a similar event?

A finished basement can serve all sorts of purposes. You could convert the space into a guest suite. When there’s weekend company, they have a comfortable and private place to sleep. Everyone else remains in their own beds. What could be a better situation for everyone?

It Will Make It Easier to Keep the Place Tidy

While you don’t want the house to always look like a display in a department store window, it would be nice if you didn’t have to frantically tidy up every time someone is coming over. One of the benefits if having a finished basement is that you could convert the space into an area where you get to leave works in progress out with ease. That includes craft projects, sewing, art supplies, and other things that you use for a hobby or to make something for the house.

With dedicated space for all of those crafts and hobbies, the rest of the home will stay tidier. You may still need to grab one or two things and put them away when company is coming, but that will be much easier to manage.

A Full Basement Finishing Could Reduce Your Monthly Utilities

You may not think that a finished basement would have any impact on the home’s energy consumption, but it will. Depending on what has to be done to the space, you could notice quite a difference in utility costs each month. Think of what you could do with the money saved on the power bill.

How will you know what to expect? The contractor can conduct what’s known as a home energy audit. That provides you with an idea of what it will do for the place if you insulate the basement walls, add insulation to the ceiling, and invest in energy-efficient basement windows.

A Finished Basement is Great for the Property Value

Don’t overlook how a finished basement enhances the property value. More importantly, it will increase the market value of the home. That may not mean much right now, but what if you decide to sell the property a decade from now? You can bet that a basement that’s ready for all sorts of uses will impress potential buyers and allow you to command a higher asking price.

The bottom line is that no excuse outweighs the benefit of finishing the basement. Call a contractor today and arrange for a visit to your home. The cost of finishing the basement may be less than you thought. Best of all, the contractor may be able to have the basement ready for you to use sooner rather than later.

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