Bean Sprout Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken can be cooked in so many different ways, which is why we love it, but I am always looking for new ways to cook it as my kids get tired of the same old recipes. 

We have made different versions of stir fry’s, and my kids absolutely love them, but it was time I tried making it a little more different, and it was a big hit! 

We recently received some meat from Whispering Meadows, and let me tell you this chicken is so fresh and juicy, I couldn’t use it for old boring recipes, I had to prepare a few new recipes for you guys!

 This recipe is very similar to the chop suey you get from your local Chinese takeout restaurant – but better because it’s homemade.  😉 

I love as many veggies as possible in my stir fry’s, but you can choose whichever veggies you prefer. 



  • 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts 
  • 1 – 454g bag of bean sprouts
  • 2 or 3 halves bell peppers – I used yellow, orange and red (and about 1/4 of a green that I had left over) 
  •  1/2 red onion
  • 2 cups broccoli florets
  • 2 cups cauliflower florets
  • 1/2 cup chicken broth (you can instead use 1-2 chicken bouillon cubes)
  • 3 tablespoon soy sauce
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  1. Rinse and cut chicken breasts into cubes
  2. Heat wok with a little oil and cook the chicken breast cubes till cooked thoroughly.  
  3. While the chicken is cooking, rinse and cut the vegetables. 
  4. Once the chicken is fully cooked, add broccoli, cauliflower, peppers and onions. 
  5. Saute for a few minutes until the veggies have started to soften, then add the bean sprouts, salt, pepper, broth and soy sauce. – You can instead add chicken bouillon cubes, in place of the broth. 
  6. Bring heat down to low, mix and cover for 5 minutes.   At the 5 minute mark, remove cover and stir.  Cook for another 5-10 minutes until sprouts and other veggies are tender. 

Serve over noodles, rice or on its own. 


Tip: If you don’t have a wok, you can use a wide heavy skillet. If you do use a wok, you may want to remove the food as it cooks to avoid both overcrowding the pan or overcooking the food.


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  1. Treen Goodwin says:

    Yummy this looks and sounds so delish , a must try thanks for sharing the recipe 🙂

  2. I love stir frys like this with bean sprouts and all thos yummy veggies.Thanks for the awesome post.

  3. Elizabeth Vlug says:

    I love a good stir fry. I don’t know why I have never thought of adding bean sprouts. I love them for their crunch and texture. This recipe looks like a keeper. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Judy Cowan says:

    Sounds really good! We love stir-fry so will definitely be adding this to the meal plan soon.

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  6. Laurie P says:

    Love how simple this is to put together! Fantastic recipe!

  7. Karen Evans says:

    I do love a good stir -fry, and my youngest daughter (the vegetarian) substitutes mushrooms (all types) for the chicken. Have copied your recipe! Thank you 🙂

  8. Elva Roberts says:

    I used to cook stir fries a lot. I haven’t for a long time. I love them and this one has put me in the mood to start doing them again. It looks so delicious and healthy. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us.

  9. Lynda Cook says:

    I love my stir fry’s they have everything in them and I could eat a stir fry every night, yumm!!

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