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Breaking the Norm – How to Celebrate Easter 2020 in Style

On 12th April 2020, Christians all over the world will mark one of the most auspicious dates in the Christian calendar – The Resurrection Sunday. Easter holds immense significance to Christians, as it symbolizes rebirth. It’s actually the foundation of the Christian faith. Indeed, Christianity would have been an impractical faith if Jesus hadn’t risen from the dead. 

Traditionally, we’re used to celebrating Pascha in Church as we commune together and catch up on brethren who we’ve not interacted with in a long time. 

However, a new trend is emerging where people now prefer to observe the occasion at home. It might be a bit early to think about Easter, but time runs faster than a horse in the Kentucky Derby, so take a look at these tips.

Why Celebrate Easter At Home

Easter is meant to bring brethren together in holy worship. And as we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we can also interact with one another as we share inspirational messages on our journeys of salvation. 

In most countries where Christianity is the dominant religion, Easter is usually declared a public holiday. That means we don’t go to work; neither do our children report to school. Instead, the entire family stays home to observe the holiday, which aptly fits within the glorious sentiment of bringing brethren together. What’s more – you can even invite your friends over and celebrate this solemn occasion as one big family. 

Besides bringing people together, celebrating Easter at home also enables us to undertake some home improvement projects that we would otherwise defer to a later date. As you’re planning to host a big party, you’ll want to spruce up your home to ensure it creates an impression that’s synonymous with rebirth. Therefore, this is the time to paint your façade, do the lawn, clean the gutters, add a new shingle roof over the old one, vacuum your driveway, etc. Think of those plumbing or electrical projects you’ve always postponed because you couldn’t find time to complete them. Why not leverage this long holiday to fix it all? 

If you’re lucky to have been granted work leave for the entire duration of the Holy Week, then you have a lot of time to complete as many home renovation projects as possible. Just remember that the main idea is to refurbish your home in a manner that reflects the spirit of this momentous occasion. That might also mean thinking along the lines of Easter-themed home decoration ideas. 

How to Celebrate the 2020 Easter Holiday At Home in Style

Go for Easter-themed Home Decorations

A perfect way to capture the mood of Easter holidays in your home is to consider Easter-themed home décor ideas. And there are thousands of ideas you can experiment with. 

For instance, the Seasonal Pink Blossom Branches is an excellent way to add some pomp and color to your home. The pink color exudes the much-required charming ambiance, making all your guests feel relaxed and upbeat. The tree is symbolic of spring, which fits within Easter’s concept of rebirth. You can use this tree as a centerpiece or strategically position it on entryways. 

Another Easter home décor idea is Balloon Bunnies. These balloons are the more attractive alternatives to the traditional Easter Hare. Usually, balloon bunnies are most practical in a family with many kids. 

If you find the above ideas too ambitious, you can simply settle for the traditional Easter lilies and liturgical banners.

Consider an Easter Vigil

Ideally, Easter holidays should begin on Friday, which is the day of the crucifixion. If you’re planning to observe the occasion at home, Friday will typically be the last day you touch up on all the areas around your home before the guests begin to trickle in. 

On Saturday morning, you should be able to start receiving guests in anticipation of the big day ahead. As night falls on Saturday, you’d assemble all the guests and observe the Saturday night Easter vigil. Now, this is an excellent opportunity to bond together, even as you relive the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. 

The location of the night vigil is up to you, though the backyard would be ideal. An outdoor fireplace might come in handy here, suppressing the chilly night conditions. The Easter vigil is characterized by a somber mood. Therefore, expect some people to break down during the scripture readings and reenactments of The Way of The Cross.

Early Sunday Morning

Sunday morning is the climax of the Easter festivities. Though you’re marking the occasion at home, you want the ceremony to mimic a church celebration in every aspect. Some churches crown Easter celebrations with the Holy Communion. You can also prepare a variant of the Holy Communion at home and administer it to your guests. 

But if you prefer to leave that part to the priests, you can gather in your backyard and do the egg hunt. The Egg Hunt is a crucial part of Easter celebrations. Take plastic eggs, fill them with candy and hide them in your backyard, then commission all the children to go hunt for them.

Easter Lunch

Easter is synonymous with bread and cakes. And the most symbolic of these foods is the hot cross buns. These are spiced buns which feature a sugary cross on top. 

Another common highlight is the Simmer cake, which is a fruit cake featuring 11 marzipan balls that represent the 11 faithful disciples of Jesus. 

Besides bread and buns, you can also serve roast ham or lamb to your guests.

Wind It Up In Style

After all the festivities, you want to crown Easter celebrations at home with something that will continuously remind you of this glorious day. With time, Easter decorations will wear out. And neither will you remember the savory taste of the delicacies you prepared years from now. So, why don’t you consider planting a tree in your garden instead? 

To ensure everyone participates, you can task some of your guests with ground preparation. Then, ask others to do the actual tree planting. Of course, you’ll be the one to water the young plants until they can grow on their own. There can never be a better way to wind up the occasion!

Celebrating Easter at home is an excellent way to bring family and friends together. Besides, it offers a perfect opportunity for homeowners to reconnect with their homes and relish the peaceful ambiance that they’re usually too busy to appreciate.

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