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How To Really Tie Any Room Together

When renovating a room, we likely know many of the implements we would like to apply. We know the curtain shade, perhaps we have a sofa picked up, and we know that renovating the fireplace would add untold value to a particular room. And yet, tying the room together, the final consideration, might actually be a difficult circumstance to consider. 

How are you supposed to do this? When you have all the right elements in place and yet you find it difficult to make the whole space work together, you can feel worry. It’s as if you cannot scratch the itch completely, and for any budding designer, that can be maddening. Thankfully, there are many solutions you can apply, but the most effective are worth considering above all else.

A home renovation denotes the willingness to make a space more pleasant, more useful, more beautiful. It is a fundamentally optimistic activity. For that, we wish to help as much as possible. With the following tips, you’ll see just what we mean:


The flooring is perhaps the most literal implement in tying a room together. This is because it serves as the basis for everything else you have in your room. However, your flooring also has its own impact on the aesthetic of the room, it is not simply a neutral space. Are you considering a range of vinyl flooring options to see what would best fit? Are you decorating said space with a rug or perhaps mixing that with another form of flooring in an open plan space, such as vinyl for the living room and tiling for the kitchen? What is best for you? Color, texture and presence can all help tie a room together, so consider those variables if possible.

The Mirror

The mirror of a room can truly tie things together. This is because it not only serves as a reflection, but likely also one of the main focal points of the environment. Of course, a television in a living room may be the focal point everyone spends the most time looking at, but a mirror is subtle in its presence, allowing the room to feel bigger, allowing the room to be reflected and thus the aesthetic almost doubled. We would recommend investing in a worthwhile large mirror, with tasteful placement, in a large frame for most applicable rooms, such as your bedroom, studies and living area. You’ll notice the difference.

The Color Palette

The color pallette used within a room dictates its character. An off-white room will never feel the same as a room painted in deep crimson. This means that you need to consider how the colors flow together. Are you using three colors, one prominent, one subtle and perhaps one used for sparse decoration such as couch cushions? The more you can theme a room, the more it seems to work with itself, it look truly beautiful.

With these tips, you are certain to correctly tie any room together, in the best manner possible.

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