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Copycat Second Cup Italian Soda Recipe

One of my favorite parts of going to the mall is stopping at Second Cup for an Italian Soda.   It’s the perfect summer day drink. It’s refreshing, yet not too sweet like most sodas are.  

You can find the Torani syrups (the same Second Cup uses!) on – they have many flavors, so choose your favorite and make some Italian Soda. 


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You just have to start off with a glass of ice.  It’s not the same if it’s anything but ice cold.


14060010_10157418850165595_691493847_o (1)

I put 4 pumps of the Torani Cherry syrup for my 8oz glass.  
2 or 3 would have been good, though.  I was in a sweet mood.


14060400_10157418850175595_1182613407_o (1)

Top with club soda and a mini straw!! 

Yes, it actually is that simple.   To adultify it, you can add a shot of red Sourpuss, it adds a nice tang.  

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  1. Krista M says:

    I am so excited we can buy the syrup on!! This for me would be great year-round. I love Italian soda!

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