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The Best Changes to Make Each Room in Your Home Cozier

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There are parts of your home that might not be perfect in the way you want it to be. A space like your kitchen might be a hub of activity where the family congregate, but the living room may leave little to the imagination. When you’re trying to make your home more family-friendly, you’ve got to go for the cozy and comfortable components. What can we do to make every space in the home that little bit cozier?


The Bathroom

The bathroom is the one space in the home that has to be cozy. When you consider the dark mornings that winter brings, there’s nothing quite like stepping out of the shower into a fluffy warm towel. But if you are looking to take advantage of bathroom remodeling services, as well as add a few simple touchstones here are some things to consider:


  • A heated towel rack. Nothing is comfier than this. It’s also a very handy space saver. Towel racks are very popular now for the simple reason that they work wonders with modern aesthetics.
  • Repurposing small pieces of furniture. If you have a tiny piece of furniture with no purpose anymore, you can turn this into an end table that sits right next to your bathtub.
  • A new bath mat. A cute bath mat will make you feel cozy as soon as you get out of the shower.


The Living Room

As the nights draw in, curling up in front of the television becomes crucial. Creating a cozy living room space is about making sure you keep the cold outside, but also creating the right mood:


  • Rich and deep colours. Navy or charcoal look great on walls and when used in combination with more rustic furnishings like wooden furniture it will bring a contrast that is very striking. If you want to go bolder with your colour choices, go for mustard yellow and deep reds.
  • Adding rugs. If you’ve got hard flooring with exposed floorboards, rugs don’t just create warmth and texture to transform the space but they will help keep the cold at bay. The best materials are chunky knitted wool rugs or imitation fur.
  • Picking the right blinds. During the winter months, ensuring your windows are dressed accordingly is vital. Using thick fabrics helps keep the heat in, but also keeps the heat out during the summer. Using wooden Venetian blinds and shutters as a barrier between the windows and the room makes them particularly good at keeping the heat in.


The Kitchen 

A space where the family can congregate, but also is the central location for gatherings the kitchen needs to be comfy, cozy, but also needs a lot of vibrancy:


  • Bringing the outside in. Using greens and plants will brighten up your kitchen. Hanging plants are great, but if you need something more useful, herb plants will transform the space and provide extra flavour for your dishes.
  • Adding cozy lighting. Candles always bring a warm and fuzzy feeling to the kitchen. It makes for a wonderful ambiance on date night, and candles will always help to make the space feel a lot more intimate.
  • Wooden and natural elements. A great way to liven up a minimal environment. Natural elements with warm and neutral colours make the space more welcoming. Many imitation materials can look cold and sterile. If you cannot afford to reinvigorate your services, split the balance by adding rustic wooden handles to your cupboards.


The Garden

It’s not just about the home! If you want to make a back garden feel cozier, you’ve got nature at your front door! There are some great things you can do to make the garden seem super cozy:


  • Covering the walls. By incorporating leafy creepers or a collection of hanging plants, you are evoking the natural sensations of the space. It also makes the space a lovely sun trap.
  • Adding bright colours. If you’ve got a very small garden, adding more brightness with extra light or different plants can really reinvigorate a space that once looked sad and dejected. The great thing about being out in the garden is that you have nature at your beck and call. By using brighter colours, you are essentially “turning the colour up” in your space.
  • Make it a relaxation spot. A garden, regardless of the season, is the perfect place to relax and unwind. There are no hard and fast rules about how you can do this. You can incorporate various types of furniture, or you could just go simple and set up a hammock!


The Bedrooms

This is probably the space that needs prioritizing if it is not cozy already. Now, more than ever, we need to retreat to our bedroom and feel snug as a bug in a rug. Bedrooms need to be as personal and warm as possible. And we need to work harder to make them feel that way. We can use hygge techniques, but we can also make things cozy with simple implements:


  • A four-poster bed. A large bed will anchor the room. But you don’t have to go for a four-poster bed, however, it adds some scale to a smaller room. Choosing a larger bed that dominates the room makes it a cozier space.
  • Covering up the windows. If you can afford window treatments, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of it. When you have large windows, you should think about the type of curtains you have. Don’t go for ones with strong patterns. When they are drawn, they will dominate the space which can reduce the overall balance.
  • Get rid of the tech. It is such a simple thing but getting rid of the tech means that you will relax more. In addition, going for darker colours on the wall will help to make the room feel darker at night resulting in better sleep.


Cozy and comfortable, there are so many options to transform every space in the home. Take some inspiration from these but also go with your gut.

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